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Golf Ball Printing

W i r e l e s s | B a t t e r y O p e r a t e d | R e v o l u t i o n a r y FlightScope®, the world’s first-ever 3D Doppler tracking golf radar, is a state-of-the-art portable indoor-outdoor golf radar, which is used for ball-flight and club monitoring. Accurate, user-friendly and affordable, it is in use for golf instruction, swing analysis and club fitting around the world.

The FlightScope X Series New Features: [ Wireless / Bluetooth ] , [Battery operated ] , [ Totally portable ]

Graphite Design
Three years in the making, PXG 0311 GEN2 Irons are better in every way. The four collections – Tour, Players, Xtreme Forgiveness, and Super Game Improvement – deliver exceptional custom fitting options and unmatched performance. The addition of Super Game Improvement irons to the 0311 line-up ensures that PXG GEN2 Irons meet the needs of golfers at every level, from those who need the most help to highly-skilled tour professionals.
KBS Shaft

From renowned shaft designer Kim Braly, the KBS TOUR Series incorporates the most advanced steel shaft technology, forged from tour player feedback, for achieving better performance and control of your golf game. Introduced in early 2008, KBS sets the new standard in steel shafts evidenced by our quick ascension within the premiere golf shaft industry. Since 2008, KBS shafts have been utilized in multiple top iron programs, accepted in every manufacturer's custom department, and adopted by over 70 top tour professionals including many of the best players on the planet.

Titleist 917 Series | The Standard For Complete Ferformance.

-Active Recoil Channel 2.0

-Variable thicklewss face insert

-SureFit Hosel & SureFit CG Weight

-Tour Inspired Feel

Titleist Fitting available at PURA GOLF.

Circle T
China Dragon
TRPX is a Tokyo based premium golf shaft producer and stylish performance golf brand. TRPX was founded in February of 2013 and during our 2.5+ years of operation, we are already considered one of the top premium performance shaft brands in Japan. The strength of any company lies behind it’s staff and their ability to focus on the brand mission. The members of team TRPX come from different golfing backgrounds, with different skill sets., but all with the same focus in mind, a mission to not only create the best high performance shafts in golf but also in creating a stylish image and lifestyle that appeals to most performance minded and fashion conscious golfers. Our products feature cutting edge design details, materials, and attention oriented quality manufacturing.

Parsons Xtreme Golf (PXG) was founded in September of 2014 by well-known businessman, philanthropist and golf nut Bob Parsons. PXG was born out of Parsons’ desire to make the world’s best golf equipment. A shared passion for the greatest game ever played and equitable obsession with club technology led Parsons to partner with two highly-respected golf club designers to develop the finest equipment on the planet.

Parsons demanded of his designers what most golfers dream about: a sexy set of irons that look like blades, launch higher, go farther, feel softer and have a sweet spot the size of Texas. "PXG clubs have to feel like butter and the difference has to be noticeable." With no cost or time constraints, the duo began the long process of researching various alloys, exploring new technologies, and identifying the unique properties that would make PXG clubs unlike anything else.
CRAZY 9 | Aiming a shaft all the players approach the absolute trust.